M.Sc. Informatics

In the days preceding the first lectures, the Orientation Event (OE) takes place. It is organized and hosted by students from higher semesters to help ease your transition into your studies, yet it remains your first official academic event.

It takes place on: Monday, Mar 25th, and Tuesday, March 26. Since only the Master's program in Computer Science at the department starts in the summer semester, the OE is only aimed at those starting the Master's in Computer Science in the upcoming semester.

On Monday, Mar 25th, we'll start at 9:00 a.m. at the Informatikum, in House D, Room D-125/129 with a communal breakfast. This will be provided free of charge by us, so you can get to know your fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere. Registration for the OE is not required.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could bring along the following items:
- Cup/mug, plate, and knife so we can avoid using disposable tableware during breakfast
- STiNE login credentials (username and password) and the STiNE TAN list so you can register for events during the OE

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