For which courses is the OU?

The OU of the Department of Informatics is for B.Sc. Informatics, Software Systems Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Computing in Science, Teaching Informatics and M.Sc. Informatics and Intelligent Adaptive Systems.

For teaching students in B.Sc. Teaching Informatics, we offer a separate programme on Friday, Oct 6th, which starts together with the OU for all other Computer Science Bachelor students. More information is available on our teaching student page.

Do I have to register for the OU?

A registration is optional. However, it helps us plan for the OU. Thus, please register in the onboarding.

Do I have to attend the whole week?

Absolutely, yes! The OU offers you the best start to your studies. If you can't keep all the days free, please send us an email to find out which events are the most relevant for you.

Since we also have an extensive evening programme, try to keep the evenings free as well.

We wholeheartedly recommend that you participate on all days.

What to do if I am late/don't know where to go?

In this case: come to the Informatikum and simply contact the OU Info Point, they will be happy to help you! The Info Point is situated on the ground floor of Building G, Room G-102. If you have questions beforehand, write us an email at oe-infozentrale@informatik.uni-hamburg.de or call us at +49 40 42883-3333.

What should I do if I don't have the email from the academic office (Studienbüro) that you talk about in the Pre-OERB?

In this case, it is best to send an e-mail to oe-infozentrale@informatik.uni-hamburg.de.

In what language will the OU be held?

The OU will be in the language of your course, meaning in most cases that will be German. But in the case of i.e. IAS it will be english

What is an iTAN list?

The iTAN list includes codes that are needed to enroll or withdraw from courses. You should have received it by mail after having transfered your tuition fees. But don't worry: You can still participate in the OU if you haven't received it.

I am currently in the succession procedure, can I still come?

Yes, of course!

Do I have to register for courses in STiNE before the OU?

No. Please wait with module registration until the OU week. We will advise you on which modules make sense for you and then you can register for them.

Isn't the deadline for course registration before the OU?

No, not for freshmen. The deadline is later so that you can enroll during the OU.

Is there any fee I'll have to pay to take part in the OU?

No, participation in the OU is absolutely free. If you want food or drinks however you will need to bring money for that.

Are lectures already being held during the OU?

No, there are no other courses during the OU.

I am studying Wirtschaftsinformatik or IT Management and Consulting, is there also an OU for me?

I am studying Wirtschaftsinformatik or IT Management and Consulting, is there also an OU for me?

There is! You can find information about the OE of Wirtschaftsinformatik, which covers the courses B.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik, M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik and M.Sc. IT Management and Consulting on their page Fachschaft Wirtschaftsinformatik.

Is the OU-week also suitable for junior students?

Yes! Just like for the first semester students, the university with its structures and processes is new to you. In addition, you will learn tips and tricks about junior studies from a former junior student. It is therefore doubly worthwhile to take part in the OU. You can find more information on the page for junior students page for junior students.

Can I bring friends/non-students along with me?

No. The OU (and later OU-weekend) are for freshmen only.

What is different for M.Sc. Intelligent Adaptive Systems (IAS)?

The OU for M.Sc. Intelligent Adaptive Systems has its own schedule: It starts on Monday, 09th of October 2023 and ends on the 13th of October. You will receive further information about the implementation of the exact schedule by email. In addition, this year we will organize an optional pre-programme on the morning of the 6th of October at the main campus of the University of Hamburg. We will also inform you about this by email.

Is your question not listed?

Feel free to send us an email at oe-infozentrale@informatik.uni-hamburg.de. Alternatively, you can try to reach us by phone during the day at +49 40 42883-3333.

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