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Info on the OU for the winter semester 23/24

The OU takes place in the days before the first lectures start. It's organized by students from higher semesters to make your start into uni life as easy and carefree as possible but at the same time it's your first official "course" at uni.

It takes place from Friday, Oct 6th until Friday, Oct 13th with an exception for M.Sc. Intelligent Adaptive Systems. Please check out our FAQ for further details. For more information about the OU for M.Sc Informatics check here.

The OE starts on Friday from 10 am on the premises of the Informatikum, with a welcome by the board of the Department of Informatics. As we are expecting a high number of new students, it is best to come at a random time between 9:30 and 10 am. That way, the rush will hopefully never be too big all at once, and we can entertain you until 10 am.

On the first Friday there will be an evening programme. This year there will be a table soccer tournament!

Before starting the OU, you should take a look at our preparation course! There you will find useful information, for instance about your university and email accounts:

What is the OU?

During the OU you'll get the chance to meet the other students and learn lots of things about the Uni Hamburg that you'll need in your studies and day-to-day life. So don't worry to much beforehand, we'll show you all of the important stuff! To do that, we've planned a variety of activities. In addition to an introduction to all of the important things you'll have to do and know for your studies, there will be a city tour in small groups. We'll also show you the "Informatikum", the CS campus. Furthermore you'll also get to know STiNE, the campus management system, which you'll need to enroll in courses and we'll help you in finding the right courses for you. There will even be two test lectures to give you a first impression of what studying will be like.

If you're working or planning on working parallel to studying, try to keep the time of the OU as free as possible, especially the first Friday, as we'll be going over some essential stuff on that day. We know it may be hard to manage this, but we promise it'll be worth it.

Since the welcome address will take place outside, you should dress according to the weather and possibly bring an umbrella.

At lunchtime, the refectory serves hot food at reasonable prices. You can pay cash or with a card. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day at the OE café. You are welcome to bring your own cups for coffee and tea.

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