Teaching Students

Hello Teaching Student,
Like (almost) all students, you will receive an introduction to your studies. However, all teacher training OUs have the so-called department day in common, at which the specifics of the respective elective subject are explained to you.

However, there is usually one thing that comes up short, and that is the contact with the rest of the students in the respective elective. As computer science students, we can tell you many things about our campus that you would not learn in the teaching OU. In addition, you get to know fellow students with whom you can participate in exercises just one week later. Assignments in computer science are usually designed as group work and the more people you know, the easier it will be.

The content will explicitly not be the structure of your studies, this will be better explained to you elsewhere. Our Teaching Day is not a substitute for the Teaching OU. But it is a useful addition to start your studies as relaxed as possible.

The Computer Science OU is bundled for you on Friday, Oct 6th at 9:30 am on the premises of the Informatikum. If you would like to participate in the OE, it would be great if you could fill out the registration form.

If you can't make it on your computer science teaching day, but still don't want to miss anything, please send us an email to oe-infozentrale@informatik.uni-hamburg.de.

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