Welcome to the OU!

OU for summer term 2019

The information is provided on the german website!


You probably have lots of questions. Please try the FAQs first before writing an email.

What is different for M.Sc. Intelligent Adaptive Systems (IAS)?

The OU for M.Sc. Intelligent Adaptive Systems has a special schedule and begins on Monday the 8th of October 2018,  10  a.m. It takes place at the Informatikum, Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30, 22527 Hamburg in room G-021.

Do I have to register for the OU?

No, just come to the Informatikum at the start of the OU week.

Do I have to attend the whole week?

Absolutely! The OU offers the best start into your studies.

Since we also have an extensive program in the evenings that will include lots of socializing, we would advise you to keep them free as well.

What to do if I am late/don't know where to go?

Go to the Info Point, the people there will help you.

You can also contact the Info Point by email to oe-infozentrale@informatik.uni-hamburg.de or by phone (see below).

In what language will the OU be held?

Landline: +49 40 42883-3333, Mobile: +49 175 5582723The OU will be in the language of your course, meaning in most cases that will be German.

What is a TAN list?

The TAN list includes codes that are needed to enroll or withdraw from courses. You should have received it per mail after having transferred your tuition fees. But don't worry: You can still participate in the OU if you haven't received it yet.

I am currently in the succession procedure, can I still come?

Yes, of course!

Do I have to register for courses in STiNE before the OU?

No. Please wait with module registration until the OU week, where we will show you how to do it.

Isn't the deadline for course registration before the OU?

No, for freshmen there is a different registration deadline during the OU week.

Is there any fee I'll have to pay to take part in the OU?

No, participation in the OU is absolutely free. If you want food or drinks from the cafeteria or the OU-Café however you will need to bring money for that.

Will there already be lectures during the OU?

No, there are no other courses during the OU week.

Can I bring friends/non-students along with me?

No. The OU is for freshmen only.

Where can I register for the orientation weekend (EWE)?

You can register via the form on this website or during the OU week at the Info Point.

For what programs is the OU?

The Informatics OU is for the following programs: B.Sc. Informatik, B.Sc. Computing in Science, B.Sc. Mensch-Computer-Interaktion, B.Sc. Software-System-Entwicklung, M.Sc. Informatik, and M.Sc. Intelligent Adaptive Systems.

Is your question not listed?

You are welcome to contact us by email to oe-infozentrale@informatik.uni-hamburg.de or by phone (see below).

How to get there

You can reach the CS campus (“Informatikum”) by public transport in the following way: Take the U2 to Hagenbecks Tierpark, use the far exit, take bus lines 181 or 281 to Informatikum (the third stop for the 181 and second for the 281), and then turn the corner to your right into the Vogt-Kölln-Straße. After 50m you’ve reached the entrance of the Informatikum. Of course there’s more than one way to reach your destination with the HVV, but your stop should always be “Informatikum”.



We are students from higher semesters that all got to enjoy a great OU ourselves. Now it’s time to pass the torch and give you the chance to get a head start into life as a student at Uni Hamburg. We’ll show you around the campus, what uni-life will be like and all kinds of tips and tricks to make your life easier.




During the OU there will be an extensive evening program. We’re going to organize board game and karaoke nights, a poker tournament, barbecues and a tour of the “Kiez”.
There should be something for everyone, giving you the chance to get to know each other even better!


Of course we won’t only show you the Informatikum in Stellingen. We’re also going to do a scavenger hunt at the main campus and a tour of the city of Hamburg.

Also, you’ll have test lectures at the main campus and together we’re going to find the best cafeterias and places.